Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Scaling usability testing

What we were working on

A comparison and evaluations for effectiveness, scalability and feasibility of usability testing methods for complex enterprise software systems.

Find a way to increase velocity and scalability of usability testing at Pega.

What I did

  • Defined goals
  • Researched various technology solutions
  • Identified a pilot project to use for comparison during the evaluation
  • Built a click-prototype
  • Planned, executed, performed, and completed a moderated usability study with 5 internal participants within a week, and an unmoderated usability study with 38 internal participants (48 hours across 8 time zones)
  • Communicated findings, conclusions and recommendations to stakeholder


  • Identified a scalable solution for conducting usability studies with click-prototypes
  • Did not find a scalable solution for enterprise systems that require data heavy operations