Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

About me

Hello! I am Bettina

I’m a creative, independent, German-Bosnian designer, strategist, inventor, mentor, design researcher, and IxDA Local Leader based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I collaborate interdisciplinary at the intersection of:

  • design,
  • business,
  • technology, and
  • data.

With over two decades of experience in human-centered design, I help companies, entrepreneurs, and teams to:

  • innovate,
  • communicate with intent and effectiveness, and
  • absorb and analyze information, that can inform better decisions.

I’m a curious go-getter, who likes to make things happen, take charge, and ensure others are heard. Those working with me appreciate my logical thinking style and systematic and methodical approach.

I value quality, and working with and for the best. Being involved in projects or initiatives in the early stages is how I can help best.

If you’re looking for an agile decision-maker, who loves to weave wisdom into innovations, and shape the future by combining empathy with a holistic approach, humor, grit, and an entrepreneurial mindset, contact me!