Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Managing change

What we were working on

A business-friendly environment where non-technical users can safely– and with little involvement from IT – make changes to their business logic and simulate the impacts of changes before deploying them into production.

What I did

  • Framed the problem
  • Defined mental model and needs based on user audiences expectations and skills
  • Defined a design strategy: separation of concerns for technical and business users
  • Created a portal information architecture
  • Designed 5 change management processes
  • Built interactive prototypes
  • Collaborated with two scrum teams to get a minimal viable product built


  • An innovative concept for a change management business portal delivered within 2 weeks under high pressure which changed company strategy.
  • Product evolved further into “Customer Decision Hub” – which is according to Forrester Wave 2022 a leader in Real-Time Interaction Management