Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Increasing awareness of inclusive design

What we were working on

A company-wide presentation to convince stakeholders and employees about the importance of accessibility for all product areas by promoting inclusive design, and why inclusive design matters.

Persuade developers and product manager make data visualization accessible for everyone.

What I did

  • Changed definition to cover a broader focus
  • Research on subject matters involving inclusive design, differentiated types of disabilities, common diseases causing disabilities
  • Art directions and Visualization
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Appeal to the audience’s empathy and participation


Widened perspectives of executives, and developers alike during a 10-minute presentation delivered to an audience of 2.000 employees promoting inclusive design
The company opened new roles for an Accessibility Experience Manager, and a role for Pega’s first blind software engineer