Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Automating decisions on enterprise scale

What we were working on

An AI powered canvas-based low-code editor, that enables business users and business owners to design decision strategies resulting in so-called “Next Best Actions” (=NBAs). NBAs feed offers in omni-channel settings such as call-centers, self-service, retail, etc. and result in meaningful customer experiences, which take intent, context, past and current customer behaviors into account.

NBAs can be used in across industries. Users can design decision strategies resulting in NBAs in which they can make optionally use of a combination of AI (predictive scores and self-learning models) and realtime data to create relevant omni-channel customer experiences.

NBAs typically address use cases related to:

  • customer service
  • retention
  • nurturing
  • customer expansion through up- and cross sell
  • customer acquisition

NBAs are not limited to those areas of application and can be applied in all areas, where complex and/or large scale decision making operations have to take place. For example fraud, or predictive maintenance.

What I did

  • Conducted a heuristic reviews of user onboarding experience, configuration experience, canvas interactions, shape anatomy
  • Planned, conducted, and evaluated findings from interviews with stakeholder and subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Recruited internal users and conducted foundational research into mental models, and semiotics
  • Discussed and iterated over business use cases with stakeholders, product managers, engineers, technical writers, and trainers
  • Translated research findings into designs for toolbars, menus, interactions, business logic and improved configuration options
  • Collaborated with other designers in other functional areas to align on interaction, design patterns, and functionality across the platform
  • Consulted industry and domain nomenclatures and standards for similar tooling
  • Conceptualized original iconography, defined color encodings, and created visual assets
  • Educated internal stakeholders about semantics, and functionalities
  • Validated subsets of icons and button states with users
  • Collaborated with scrum teams to get features built and implemented as intended


A holistic and consistent set of icons consisting of:

  • 24 toolbar icons with 6 button states
  • 1 menu icon with 3 button states
  • 22 domain specific icons

On a performance level:

On a performance level:

  • Decision strategies can execute up to 2 million NBAs per second
  • A large US telco provider saved USD 190 mio. within the first 10 months after implementation of decision strategies