Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Accessible data visualization

What we were working on

Principles/guidelines to make data visualization accessible.

Identify a set of “standard” visualization methods to visualize data, and create color palettes that make data visualizations distinct look like the Pega brand.

What I did

  • Interviewed stakeholders to define goals and scope
  • Identified encoding use cases to be supported
  • Evaluated data encoding in the context to accessibility
  • Created color palettes for categorical, continuous and divergent data encoding
  • Performed usability studies with color-blind participants to adjust palettes
  • Collaborated with front-end developer to interpolate key colors and build color palettes into the design system


  • Total of 23 palettes that cover four main types and four sub-types of color blindness, and that interpolate tints and can scale up to 200 classes if need be
  • Two extra red-amber-green palettes tailored to the needs of two types of red-green color blindness