Software with prediction capabilities to optimise enterprise decision management and personalisation of customer experience in real-time.

Decision Hub enables fortune 500s to monetise big data using predictive analytics and decision management capabilities. The Decision Hub helps:

  • delivering relevant omni-channel customer experiences,
  • reducing customer churn,
  • reducing risk,
  • increasing sales.

It’s one thing to make a small app intuitive to use; its another thing to simplify software that can deal with the scale + complexity of the data + logic required on an enterprise level.

Since 2012 I am helping defining functionalities + the design; I have unified, consolidated and simplified complexity for most of the capabilities contained in Decision Hub.

Some of my work entails:

  • Analysed + evaluated the usability of the change-management procedure consisting of a total of 188 tasks. Identified + addressed 16 usability issues ranging from severe to expressed difficulty of which 14 are resolved.
  • Ensured that 300+ interfaces in US English + involving predictive analytics capabilities can be localised into 5 additional languages.
  • Delivered design for basic attribution modelling capabilities to evaluate effectiveness of marketing budget across omni channel.
  • Conceptualised a simplified process enabling Business Analysts to perform a requirements capture.

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