Adding a dimension through visualisation to the poem “Erdbeermund” by François Villon; read by German actor Klaus Kinski.

Visualisation of the German love poem “Erdbeermund” by Paul Zech (original by François Villon), spoken by actor Klaus Kinski.

Klaus Kinski was a famous German actor known for his expression and temper. I chose to visualize the recording because of Kinski’s unique interpretation.

Abstract geometric shapes and color reflect mood and the contents of the spoken word.

To represent the spoken text of this poem visually, I applied a red background, the primary color generally associated with love.

I continued with different shapes of a heart and geometric shapes. Lastly, vertical and horizontal lines sync with the actor’s narration in pitch and meter.

Overall, my visual representation reflects the mood and content of the audio.

Original text


Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund,
ich schrie mir schon die Lungen wund
nach deinem weißen Leib, du Weib.

Im Klee, da hat der Mai ein Bett gemacht,
da blüht ein schöner Zeitvertreib
mit deinem Leib die lange Nacht.

Das will ich sein im tiefen Tal
dein Nachtgebet und auch dein Sterngemahl.

Im tiefen Erdbeertal, im schwarzen Haar,
da schlief ich manches Sommerjahr
bei dir und schlief doch nie zuviel.

Komm her, ich weiß ein schönes Spiel

Strawberry lips

I’m so crazy for your strawberry lips,
I’ve screamed for your white body
until my lungs were raw, girl.

Inmidst the clovers, May has made a bed,
a nice pastime blooms there
together with your body all night long.

That I want to be in the deep valley,
your night prayer and your star spouse, too.

In the deep strawberry valley, in the black hair,
there I slept many a summeryear long
next to you and still I never slept too much.

Come, come, come to me, I know a nice game

Translation by Lyrictranslate