Analysis and interpretative reconstruction of a film sequence.

1. Phase

I came up with the idea of a storyline in three perspectives. In a group of two, we developed the concept and storyboard. We then scouted students who would play the characters (or roles) in this short feature about an argument between a man and a woman.

We also set up the scene, and kept it intentionally minimalistic, as we wanted to focus on the story.

My team member recorded the film and audio, while I edited the entire movie material afterwards. Later, I assembled the audio and visual tracks in an interactive prototype using Director with Lingo scripting.

This interactive movie shows the argument from three perspectives:

  • context + objects
  • object movement / camera movement
  • pacing of motion and movement
  • changes in perspective
  • changes on image proportion
  • brightness, darkness + color contrast (light)
  • focus/out of focus



Analysis of motion + movement




2. Phase

In a smaller group of two we analysed the sequence, which served as foundation in the second phase for the creation of a “revised version”.

This revised version lead to an abstract, highly simplified realisation which considers the original film sequence in all its formal and dramaturgical aspects.

The original movie’s acoustic layers (music, language, noise) remained unaltered and incorporated into the revised version.

My team member and I created the interactive prototype using Cinema 4D, and Macromedia Director. In addition my team member also utilized After Effects to render the scene.