Bettina Kast

Diplom-Designer (FH)

Case Study

Innovation & Product Design

Empowering users with visual programming

What we were working on

A graphical framework that enables its different audiences to model data, business processes, and customer experiences using a visual programming paradigm.

Modernize the graphical framework to work and feel like modern software, and make new feature development more human again.

What I did

  • Took initiative and assumed responsibility as interim product owner
  • Built a new scrum team
  • Identified stakeholder needs
  • Conducted user interviews with Business Analysts, and consultants
  • Got buy-in and support from executive leadership, and stakeholders
  • Planned epics, user stories, communicated vision
  • Designed visuals, icons, and UI elements
  • Designed interactions and layout algorithms
  • Considered ergonomics, and localization
  • Design for different modalities/input methods
  • Tested prototypes and iterations and implemented users’ feedback


  • Improved performance and scalability from initial 50 to 500+ objects
  • Faster performance through optimized loading times (between 89% and 97% faster depending on browser vendor)
  • Reduction of the lines of code by 70% (down from 102,800 to 30,850 lines)