Final design in action

A word before

These days I’m working on enterprise software – specifically enterprise decision management (in short EDM). Although my work is typically under NDA, the work posted below has been cleared of it, and so I’m happy to share it with a wider audience.

On this page I’m summarising one years worth of work. For this project, I partnered with a scrum team that built the functionality, and acted in a dual role:

  1. as Product Owner, working in tandem with scrum team + interviewing users to define the epics, + acceptance criteria.
  2. as Designer I defined design principles, the visual metaphors of abstract concepts including their visual appearance, interactions and behaviour of the system, + conducted usability research so we could build and design using an iterative + agile approach.



The graphical framework is a framework, that enables a variety of users to model customer engagements using a visual programming paradigm.


Discovery & themes


The graphical framework is used by these audiences:

  • Decision Architects
  • Strategy Designers
  • Data Architects
  • Business Analysts

These users expect to have a modelling experience that is fluid, snappy, and consistent across all product areas.


A graphical framework must be above all

  • holistic
  • functional
  • engaging
  • understandable to use


Primary goals

  • Enactive: authoring experience
  • Performance + Scalability: supporting 200 objects
  • Modern, timely, fast + snappy: a fluid experience allowing for choreographies

Design approach

  • Holistic, yet visually distinguishable
  • Semantically thoughtful
  • Anticipatory
  • Platform + technology agnostic
  • Original



Grids + layers


Layout algorithms

Visual design



Interactions + system behaviour

Platform agnostic cursors


Support for multiple input methods

Standard computer mouse

Hotkeys + accelerators


Track + touch pads

Surface computing

Gestural input methods


Navigating while zooming in + out


Shading while zooming using various input methods



Performance + Scalability

Individual examples

Times faster per browser

Final visual design of various modellers

Decision Strategy Modeller

Event Strategy Modeller

Data Flow Modeller

Process Modeller