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Ocean Kingdom

My objective was to create a scalable logo that set a tone in design, and whereby my client could reuse the word Kingdom for other titles regardless of theme. “Ocean” retained its aquatic nature with shapes associated with underwater life.

In my initial black-and-white concept, I experimented with orientation and fonts that were similar to those used for Disney. The early result was a hybrid of 2D illustration and Yahoo’s iconic font.

Once I concluded that a compact version of the logo worked best, I moved on to develop a color palette that would dovetail with the game itself. I used the artist’s preexisting artwork against a background to guide the development of the color palette, and then tested versions of the logo on different backgrounds until I reached the desired effect.

I tested the logo versions on different backgrounds, to make sure it stands out.

Additional details to the logo further coincided with the water and kingdom themes. Once those fine points and colors were applied, I retested orientation of the logo. I ultimately decided both the horizontal- and compact versions worked in their respective areas of the game and in print.