Enhanced navigation allows the player to start quickly but must also adhere to publisher guidelines. In redesigning HoopWorld for the Wii, I aimed to balance the navigation and screen flows between technical requirements and player expectation. My addition of a “random play” feature in the AI offered online players an instant game start with an automatically selected team and court, for either multi- or single player mode. A second feature notified players of their team members prior to starting a match.

Crucial to navigation are the player controls. Keyboard variables, like key mapping, allow for easy localization into languages. In organizing the navigational layout, use of a QWERTY type layout could prove difficult for younger audiences. The result was control keys organized alphabetically with shift keys that accessed numbers and special characters.

By adding a Pause function to the menu, options were made available during gameplay with an easy return to the game. One of these options is the tutorial, or game guide, which provided instructions on controls and how to play. The finished tutorial was tailored for beginners, advanced, and expert players, with insights for the design from tester observation and feedback.

Main navigation flow

Mode selection options

Through a pause menu players can change options within a match, and then return again to continue playing.