Marketing Plan and promotion

After research of historic sales numbers of comparable titles, I liaised with a colleague who had budgets and timelines insight for the project. We co-authored HoopWorld’s plan with consideration for all financial and resource matters necessary to position the game in the market. The content covered aspects of company mission and purpose, and product description, analysis, distribution, and pricing.

I took several factors into account when drafting the marketing plan, such as target market, demographics, competitors, SWOT analyses, and marketing/advertisement strategies.
In addition to a marketing plan, the game needed promotion. I designed banners and ads, sought pertinent co-marketing opportunities, maintained developer diary and kept track of game reviews, plus extended my efforts to online promotion with the development of the HoopWorld website and Facebook page.

Contents of marketing plan covered the following aspects:

  1. Product Description
  2. Purpose and mission
  3. Product analysis
  4. Current target markets
  5. Competitive analyses
  6. Product/Market analyses tools
  7. Summary of current situation
  8. Marketing strategies and objectives
  9. Creative materials
  10. Budgets & performance
  11. Additional consideration
  12. Tactical programs
  13. Appendices

With the game’s release in Europe, North America, and Australia, I created a press kit containing product sheet, the trademarked logo and other insignias, publishable screenshots and in-game footage. Much of these contents and other goodies (wallpapers and banners) are available for download on the HoopWorld fan site I built with several features available.

Fan store

Tied-in to the fan site and all promotional efforts is the game’s Zazzle fan shop, where products branded with iconic HoopWorld themes are for purchase.