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Final product

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Audience research

The audience was comprised of education institutions and their game design students, developers, publishers, and governmental organizations with interest in the interactive media industry.

community portal

BGIn’s audience consists of educational institutions and their game design students, developers, publishers, and governmental agencies with interest in the interactive media industry.

I conducted research into their needs and concerns. From one-on-one interviews with game institutions and business leaders, I was able to create a community portal, and with better insight into the target audience’s expectations, further developed a sitemap for the portal.

BGIn Sitemap

Based on the analysis, we substantiated content areas that were of relevance to each group. A breakdown of five membership levels was developed (from no cost to various paid categories) and listed information fields to be completed for a specific type of membership. The spreadsheet below outlines the structure used for signup forms and database structure.

BGIn Membership level access breakdown

From the information gathered, I created an interactive prototype using wireframes. In addition to membership fees, I organized secondary revenue streams built in to generate funds through advertisement. Several classes of banners ranged from A to C, with A being the most prominent banner generating the most revenue.


The about page informs users about BGIn’s purpose, goals, and mission.

BGIn Wireframe

Several content areas list members in an overview. This allows organizations to find out about each other and reach out.

BGIn Wireframe

The community portal’s job posting section was most important to educational institutions (that wanted internships for their students at companies who’d offer employment after graduation) and by developers (who sought a cost effective way to post vacancies and gain local talent that would otherwise work abroad).

BGIn Wireframe

A user control panel (UCP) allows access to specific settings and features such as events, chapters in the area, and creating shortcuts.

BGIn Wireframe

The initial website was a temporary solution aimed at recruiting members before the final portal could be fully operational.

BGIn Wireframe

Once complete the portal launched on Joomla, which offered community-specific customizations such as forums.

BGIn Mock up

Selection of final content areas of the BGIn web portal.

BGIn Mock up