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corporate identity

As a new organization, BGIn had no visual online or physical presence. It was important for them to bring schools, developers, and government together in order to grow the Benelux as a game development region. Once established, the Benelux could retain available talent within its own borders.

I designed a logo that resounded with BGIn’s regional message. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg are circles mapped geographically and in size relative to each other. The connected circles reflect the network nature of the organization and represent its three focal points: Education, Business, and Community. The complete structure echoes the design of the Atomium and draws an association to its location in Brussels, BGIn’s headquarters.

The black-and-white logo is positioned on a yellow background that projects a young, dynamic, and energetic feel, as can be found within the games industry itself. For occasions where a yellow background cannot be used a second version on a white background is available. Lastly, the logo uses the font DIN, a modern type that supports the logo’s overall dynamics.

Business cards
On the front, business cards carry the logo and an abstract graphic of the Benelux region at a skew angle for perspective. The rear has an interesting and suspenseful crop of the logo with keywords business, education, community inside the circles and connections.

The letterheads follow a similar principle as the business cards.

Presentation templates carry on the business card motifs.

I achieved the right light and color balance on slides so that presentations had enough contrast to remain clearly visible and readable in light environments and within large rooms.