Design of a visual identity and an online community portal for a non-profit organization.


BGIn is a nonprofit organization committed to the stimulation and development of a stable and vibrant video games industry in the Benelux focused on business, education, and community. Its mission is to grow the Benelux Games Industry through corporate intelligence, support, and regional representation.

It does so by encouraging developers, partners, and the public to work together in creating a strong and energetic network that leverages the strengths of its members.


I satisfied many objectives associated with this project. I helped BGIn establish a corporate identity through logo, stationary, and web design bearing in mind the organization’s mission and cultural endeavors. Promotional efforts extended beyond member research and interviews to finally having BGIn showcase at a major games industry event.

Want to know more? See case studies for details:
Corporate Design
Research + design of community portal
Promotion – Signage system + trade shows
Promotion – Leaflets