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I was a part of an interdisciplinary group of about 20-25 students. We were to conduct research, generate ideas, and reach a consensus on the meaning of terminology.

  • What is culture, what is identity, and how do we define them?
  • What makes German culture German?
  • What is cultural concentrate, and what are stereotypes?
  • Within German culture, how is “Nature’s wisdom” perceived and defined? How does it reflect itself?

Once we (as a whole) generated lots of ideas and definitions, we were split up into smaller groups to further evolve our ideas into concepts.


Concept generation

A part of German culture is the tales by the brothers “Grimm”. In nearly all their tales, the dark forest plays an essential role and sets the stage for the hero on his quest. After obstacles and hurdles are overcome, the hero reaches a point where he is granted a wish, typically the turning point that leads to a happy end.

In a group of two, I helped developed the idea of the German fairy tale forest further.


Concept development

We both created sketches and developed concepts, discarded some and developed others in greater extent. There were several things to consider when designing the pavilion:

  • Safety requirements, e.g. fire, possible earthquakes
  • Maximum space available
  • Building exterior, materials, and architecture
  • Building interior, and accessibility requirements
  • Amount of visitors (several million visitors to expect), and flow through the building to avoid congestion


Sketches and ideas from the process

Topics, and navigation traffic flow within the pavilion




Exterior sketches




Detail sketches

Wall construction
Wall construction

Tree pillars with Japanese inscription

Fassade detail
fassade detail


Models – Entering the pavilion